Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Why We Prepare

There are many sound reasons to prepare for an uncertain future in today's world.  Severe weather, floods, fragile electric grids, public water contamination -- stuff happens.  But the most urgent looming threat is one that could take down the entire financial system and in so doing bring chaos like we've never seen before.  It came very close in 2008.  We're getting close again.

The debt-and-consumption-based economic system most nations have embraced is completely unsustainable. Being unsustainable, the system will at some point fail catastrophically as all unsustainable systems eventually do.

The catastrophic failure of our current economic system is well underway, has been ongoing for years and is accelerating day by day toward its ultimate demise.  But that fact has been obscured by low interest rates, central bank stimulus programs (money printing), accounting gimmicks and some would say outright market manipulation.  Financial and political elites are doing everything that can be done to hold it all together.  And yet, our financial and economic system hangs by a thread.


Astronomical debt can never be repaid 

One need look no further for evidence of an unsustainable system than the astronomical debt levels accruing to nations and business entities globally -- $244 trillion dollars of debt that continues to grow exponentially.

  • The IMF has recently warned of “storm clouds gathering
  • Exploding national debt has been characterized as a “catastrophic threat to national security” by Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett
  • At the close of the 2018 fiscal year the federal government alone had accrued over $102.2 trillion dollars of debt ($22 trillion official debt and $80.2 trillion unfunded liabilities)
  • The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has published concerns over the large and growing numbers of “zombie companies” around the world, kept in business only by their continued accrual of debt which is itself only enabled by artificially low interest, rates that are actively suppressed by central bank and especially Federal Reserve programs
  • At the same time, major economy central banks are creating new money at a rate of over one trillion dollars per quarter, which apparently they must do to provide the liquidity needed to keep the global economy from imploding
  • The growing "wealth gap" between the richest and everybody else is at record highs and continues to grow as more and more newly minted "liquidity" is injected into global markets. Janet Yellen, former FED head, acknowledged the growing wealth disparity in May 2014, saying this trend can "have grave effects on social stability over time". It's only gotten worse since since then.

When it comes to resource extraction -- and by that we’re talking about logging, mining, fishing, hunting, oil and coal processing, etc. – there is one rule that has always reigned supreme. That rule is, the easiest and most profitable to extract resources are the first ones targeted.

It makes sense for industries in a world of dog-eat-dog competitiveness to go after resources that produce the most profit, because if one company doesn’t get there first then a competitor will. The problem is, over time, those resources that were once so easy and profitable to extract – the gold nuggets laying on the ground, the massive oil deposits under pressure just below the surface, the old growth forests just over the hill – all get exploited to the maximum extent feasible early on, and then they’re gone or at best severely diminished.

Huge machines bristling with technology powered by ever increasing amounts of energy are now required to extract rapidly dwindling and ever more difficult to access resources for a struggling global economy. GMO crops and chemical pesticides combined with vast amounts of petroleum-based fertilizers are deployed to feed the 7.5 billion and growing population – more natural habitat cleared, more species decimated, more land converted to mono-crops, more once fertile fisheries stripped bare, increasingly more demand on fragile global energy supply. It can’t go on forever.

Many books have been written on the subject of our unsustainable ecological, economic and financial systems. These topics requires much more investment of time and information than can be provided here. Fortunately, websites and blogs are proliferating across the internet like prophets of doom, crying out the warnings, presenting factual information and logical analyses.

People slowly but surely are waking up to the realization that an ill wind is blowing, with more evidence surfacing every day to support the thesis that our “way of life” has entered its twilight phase.  What's going to happen?  What comes after that?  Good questions.

In response to a host of rather unpleasant looming realities, a lot of people are preparing for a time of great emergency that seems unavoidable at some point in the future.

I'm one of them.  My response to a threatening future is defiance, diligent preparedness, a determination to meet dire times head on and to weather the storm.

We're living in historic times here.  Monumental realities are converging like runaway trains toward a singular point.  Something really big is coming our way.  People want to be prepared for whatever it is and that means among other things being self-sufficient in terms of food, water, shelter and security.

I'm a huge advocate for everybody being prepared.

But you know what?  Only the smart ones are doing it.

Glad you're here!

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