Emergencies are normally unpredictable, aren't they? That's one reason why they end up being called emergencies -- nobody saw it coming. Earthquake? Maybe that's somewhat predictable, especially if one lives in an earthquake prone area. But most other emergencies -- broken water pipe, car breakdown, sudden layoff at work, tornado, flood, fire, broken leg from slipping on a banana peel, etc. -- who could have seen it coming?

The fear of these kinds of "unexpected" emergencies probably isn't what has so many people motivated to "prep" these days.

It's the emergency that we can all SEE coming that has people concerned. The one that can't be avoided. The one that's been creeping up on us for many years and is now uncomfortably close.

There seems to be a growing consensus that all 7.5 billion of earth's humans most definitely are hurtling toward a global economic meltdown of truly epic proportions -- historic -- brought on by the convergence of a long list of causative factors none of which have any painless solution, or any solution at all really. We haven't addressed these issues over the years because they ARE too painful and difficult to deal with. Nothing but a lot of lip service from politicians. Result: End of the road. Time to pay the piper.

A long economic emergency is unfolding and with it will come a proportionate level of social strife and unrest. It's already begun. We see it manifesting in many places around the world, in America too. Millions have already been impacted by loss of job, loss of business, loss of pension, loss of retirement income due to suppressed interest rates, loss of hopes and dreams, loss of respect for political and legal institutions, loss of so much more. This emergency is self-reinforcing. It's one that gains force with every job lost, every factory closed down, every order cancelled. Soon enough, this emergency will be impacting all of us. It's inescapable. THIS is the emergency that people are preparing for.

Food, water, shelter, security. What are your plans to insure all these basic needs are met no matter what conceivable situation might arise?

How does one prepare for a long economic emergency? What "stuff" does one need to wait it out -- to be able to hunker down more or less comfortably in a relatively safe place with friends and/or family -- rather than having to venture out into potentially dangerous streets?

Below are some recommendations for your consideration.

Flashlights and Backup Batteries
If the electricity goes off, people are going to need flashlights. If the electricity is out for an extended period of time, backup batteries will be needed. Try to standardize your battery-using equipment to all use the same type of battery if possible.  Better than having to stock up on several or more battery types/sizes.
Hand Crank Grain Mill
For preppers who are thinking long term.  Emergency food kits will get you through the first month or whatever time period that the food kit was intended to cover.  But eventually in a real SHTF scenario, a point comes where the food kit meals run out and then what?  Sooner or later, everyone is going to go back to eating and preparing meals the way our ancestors did before the "fast food" era.  And that means growing and eating grains and corn.  You're going to need your own hand mill someday.  Getting an early start wouldn't be a bad idea.
Emergency Water Supply Unless you have a potable water supply close by, you'll need to store up a significant amount of water for an extended emergency.  Figure one gallon of water per day, per person at minimum.  One way to do that is with a custom made rain capture water tank.  Or you can buy water storage tanks and stock up that way.
Long Term Storage Emergency Food Supply Mother Earth Products is a premier manufacturer and distributor of all natural, additive free, long term storage bulk foods. We like them a lot because they're selling much of what we're producing ourselves right here on the mini-farm -- dehydrated veggies, fruits and berries -- traditional survival food.  Highly recommended.  But don't make your final decision until you've read Emergency Survival Food Face-off!
Heavy Duty Propane Gas Stove A person is going to want to cook, heat and boil water. This stove uses Propane canisters that last for a long time.  The Propane bottles are reasonably priced, easy to get, and they can be purchased by the case. 
Top Notch First Aid Kit Maybe it's a good idea to consider stocking up with a top notch first aid kit, one that the pros might use.
Multi-Band Radio A multi-band radio receiver with AM, FM, Short wave, Long Wave and other receiving channels is a must have -- along with all the batteries needed to make sure that one can actively monitor the airwaves for news, warnings, threats, signs of life and information of any kind that might be broadcast.
Security and Self Defense  I opted for firearms myself, and lots of ammo.  Some might prefer just a simple baseball bat to fend off intruders.  If so, this Louisville Slugger ought to get the job done.  All joking aside, adequate security and defense against a range of potential threats might literally end up being the difference between life or death in a real SHTF scenario.